n today world as world of internet is changing fast effectively writing various types of essays has become important in academic success. It has been noted and tested that choosing the correct type of essay to write in response to the writing prompt leads to answering the question correctly.

There are many types of essays so its easy that one could get confused as to which are the right ones.However, it is assured that the number is manageable and easy to remember. Essentially there are four types of essays with the variations.


Let Discuss About Four Major Types Of Essays

For you to able to distinguish between the types of essay you have to first determine what the writer really wants to explain the essay. Does the writer wants his read his personal experience, wants to describe something , explains an issue, or wants to convince the readers about a particular viewpoint? The following four types of essays addresses this issue.

  1. Narrative Essay: Telling A Story

In a narrative essay the writer tells the story about the experiences that had happened in the real life. While telling a story to somebody may be a easy thing to do, the narrative essay challenges the students to write about themselves. While writing the narrative essay, the writers of essay writing service should involve the readers as much as they would think the story to be real as it happened in reality. Considering the fact that the narrative essays are basically written as a first person helps engage the reader more. “I” sentences give the user feeling of being part of the story.A well-written narrative essay is also helpful in making a statement or drawing conclusion.    2.  Descriptive Essays: Painting A Picture
Being close to the narrative essay a descriptive essay tries to paint the picture with words. A writer might try to describe a person, place, object or even a memory that has a special importance. However, this type of essay is not be used for sake of description only. In the descriptive essay the writer tends to go deep to communicate with his reader. In a descriptive essay the writer should strive to show, not tell , through the use of colorful words. The best descriptive essays tend to appeal the user,s emotions bringing the beautiful memories in there mind. 
   3.  Expository Essays: Just For Facts 
The expository essay an informative piece of writing the represents the balance analysis of the topic. In the expository essay, the writer explains or defines the topic, using the facts, statistics or even examples. Expository essay covers a wide range of essay variations, such as comparison and contrast essay. As the expository essays, are based on the facts and not on the personal feelings, writers don’t reveal there feelings or write as the first person. 
   4. Persuasive Essays: Convince Me
Like the expository essay in which the writer presents the facts before the reader in the persuasive essay as the name sounds the writer tries to convince the reader. The writer must build a case using sound reasoning, logic , examples , expert opinion and facts. The writer should present all sides of argument, but must also be able to proof as to why a certain viewpoint or a certain position is correct.

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