How To Write Basic Structure Of An Essay

Essay writing is an important part of students education.However it is not about the linearly listing ideas.Many institutes will require a certain format that you paper must follow.Some of the most prominent examples would be MLA, the APA and the Chicago format.
In this article you will learn about how to setup the basic structure of an essay.What things are required to make a basic essay structure.
What is an essay format or structure
Weather you are writing an essay for academic purpose, informative purpose or even you are writing and extended essay the structure is important.For example, the ib extended essay has a very strict requirements that are important to be followed by an assigned academic style of writing (precisely MLA , APA or Chicago).

  • Title Of The Page
  • Abstract: containing 3 paragraphs, with a total of 300 words with 100 words in each paragraph.
  • Paragraph 1 : Must include a research question, thesis, and outline of essay importance.
  • Paragraph 2 : Key resources, scoop and limited of research, etc.
  • Paragraph 3 : Conclusion of essay 

Parts Of An Essay

The introduction guides your reader to into the paper by introducing the topic.It should begin with the hook that is catchy.The hook can be a question, analogy or a quote.After getting the reader’s interest, the introduction should provide some background information about the topic.The ideas within the introduction should be easy enough for the reader to understand the main concept of the essay and move to the next part which is called thesis.

Thesis Statement
The thesis statement contains the main idea or argument of the essay.Sets limit on the essay and indicates the organization of an essay.The thesis is the map for the entire essay.Telling the readers what you want to say and which points you will use to support your ideas.

The body of the essay supports the main points which are included in the thesis.Each point is developed by one or more paragraphs and is supported with specific details. These details can be from a research or from a experience, depending on the assignments. In addition to these points the authors own analysis and discussion also matters.
Transitions connects the paragraphs with each other and also to the thesis. They are used within and between the paragraphs to help the flow of paper from one topic to next topic.These transitions can be one or two words (“first”, “next”) or one or two sentences which bring the reader to the main point.The topic sentence of a paragraph often serves as a transition.
The conclusion brings down all the main parts of essay.It points back to the thesis statement and gives readers the final thought.and a sense of topic closure by resolving ideas brought up in the essay.It may also address the implication of the argument. In the conclusion new topic and ideas should not be introduced.
If  your paper consists of research be sure to give the references to each research paper.Your references can be MLA, APA and Chicago.

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