How To Write An Informal Essay

What Is An Informal Essay?

The informal essay is the essay written for pleasure. It,s main purpose is to organize your thoughts on a specific topic, to reflect your thoughts on readings, and to express different openions. It can still be informative and convincing, but you are allowed to write it with less formal expression.

How To Write An Informal Essay

The informal essay defination is very straight forward. It tells you when the assignments are needed in the college. But does it tell you how to write informal essay? No. That,s why we are writting this article to help students write an informal essay and provide them tips. Although they are called informal, 

When you’re writing an essay for pleasure  you tend the essay like you are talking casually with your friends. When students are speak formally, their language is full of sarcasm and humor. You may still use an expression in informal essay, but you must not go overboard. 

To start with this you need to learn about these tips when you are starting a task like this.

  • Informal essay gives you some space for humor, but you must not turn them into a stand up comedy. When you are specially talking about a serious topic your humor will fall flat. This is the first thing you should remember when writing an informal essay.
  • There is a rule write in the language your professor should understand. This means that although it is an informal assignment, but it should be readable also. What does readable means in this situation just avoid slang. Your friends might understand it but your professor won’t . 
  • In an informal essay you need to create direct contact between your reader and you. This is the major difference between assignment and any type of informal essay. You are allowed to use I and you. 
  • Informal essays are much more personal when compared to argumentive, expository or any other type of essays. If, for example, the topic is abortion, you’re allowed to express your personal opinion. You may still include some facts, but you’ll be mostly talking about the way you perceive the topic. The paper should feel like a conversation between you and the professor.
  • You have to show some personality in ideas, style and form of expression.

How To Start An Informal Essay

While as you have covered up general tips while writing an informal essay. It is time to start practical guidlines on how to start this type of essay.

Choose A Topic 

Your professor probably assigned a general theme. For example, they told you to write an informal paper on family values. You have to make it more specific and personal. 

Some ideas of informal essay will help you in the writing and starting process of informal essay. Below are few topics to get you inspired. 

  • How Family Values Shaped Us As A Person
  • Motherhood :  The Balance Between Hapiness And Burden
  • Is Being Parent A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing
  • How Family Values Changed In The Modern World
  • Could Arranged Marriages Work Today

As you can see we came up with various ideas for the the topic family values. To choose the perfect topic you must choose an angle that tiggers your openion.

Plan An Outcome

Once you have selectd the topic it is time to start the essay, Fir you shoudl briefly describe the informal outline should briefly describe the points you are going to make. You don’t have to stick to 5- formal essay paragraph but your paper will still need inrtoducation, body and conclusion. Make a plan what you will write in each section. 

Formulate your main idea and think of your main goal you want to achieve with the essay. Are you trying to convince the reader about something or you just want to share your personal experience. It is important to have a focus to keep your paper flowing in the logical manner. 

Write The Introduction 

The introduction of an informal essay may give you a headache. You may start an argumentive essay by giving some background on the topic and citing some sources. Well, this might not be the start of a formal essay. You have to make introduction really intresting. 

The essay should show your openion on the topic, so get straight away to that point. A thesis statement is still required at the end of the introduction. The sentence will tell readers what to expect from the rest of the essay. Just tell the readers what your main point is going to be. 

How To Write A Body Paragraph For An Informal Essay 

In the body of informal essay, you should express your point of view. Although it is an informal essay, but the paper still needs to be convincing. Think of the topic as a forum thread, you are a member ot the example forum and you are trying to defend your point of view against the opposing point of view from the other member. You will probably rely on the facts that will convince people right?  That is exactly you should do when you are writing an informal essay. find facts and reference them, so  you’ll add structure to your argument. 

Keep in mind the tips below when you are writing the body of the essay:

  • You can use informal language, but not the slang which your professor cannot understand.
  • Seperate the body of your paper into short paragraphs, so it will be easier to read. 
  • Write short, clear sentences. Overly long formulations are not acceptable for an informal assignment.
    • Give your essay a proper emotional vibe. Express your own personality, just like you would do that if you were writing this for an online forum.

How To End An Informal Essay

Finally, you came down to the conclusion. Since you’ve done so much work by now, this should be relatively easy. In the conclusion, you’ll summarize everything you’ve written in the paper. However, you don’t want to make it repetitive. Just briefly refer to your main points of discussion, so you’ll leave the reader with definite impressions. You want them to remember and consider your message. You’re not done with the paper when you’re done with the conclusion! You have two post-writing stages to go through: Editing

 Professional writers get some space away from their work before they return to it with the intention to edit. Do you know why they do that? They are so attached to their own work that it’s impossible to spot all mistakes in it. When they allow at least few days to go by, they can return to the content while maintaining a reader’s point of view. This approach allows them to spot the inconsistencies, redundancy, and gaps in logic.

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